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This is the market leading fully manged service for Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) – proven and guaranteed to stop end users from causing security incidents. The SATT service is bespoke and tailored to each individual company providing:

•             Baseline all staff to see how at risk you currently are - we find that initially 40% to 70% of staff are a security risk

•             Best available online, video based cyber security training for all staff (15 minutes delivered at their desk, available at their convenience)

•             Regular targeted emails to keep staff vigilant and identify anyone who is still a security risk

•             Remedial training for any at risk employees

•             Fully managed service - takes up none of your time or resources

•             Many cyber security training modules are included in addition to the standard 15, 25 & 40 minute multi modular videos covering all relevant areas of cyber security awareness training.

Our fully managed SATT service works by correctly training end users so they don't fall victim to cyber-crime. Then most importantly, we continue to keep your end users vigilant so they apply the training on a day to day basis!


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