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GCHQ accredited - MSc in Information Security


The electronic handling of information is one of the defining technologies of our age. Enormous volumes of information are routinely stored and transmitted worldwide - indeed, most aspects of our daily lives would come to a halt should the information infrastructure fail. However, with the benefits deriving from the ability to automatically manage so much information, come major threats to businesses, governments and individuals. These threats include possible fraud through information manipulation, deliberate damage to stored and transmitted information, and blackmail associated with the threat of damage. The field of Information Security has grown up very rapidly in recent years. The subject embraces a wide range of issues, including security management, digital forensics, cyber crime and security testing.

Why an MSc Information Security from Royal Holloway?

There are many reasons why Royal Holloway is the right place to study for an MSc in Information Security (Masters in Cyber Security); many of these are also highlighted in the MSc Information Security video on www.postgraduatesearch.com.

Pioneering. Our MSc programme was the first of its kind in the world, running for the first time in 1992. The programme evolves every year, building on the fundamental principles that underpin information security while keeping up to date with the latest developments.

Strength in depth. The strength and breadth of the expertise of the ISG and its network of security professionals underpins the programme. There are few MSc programmes in the world backed by such a large interdisciplinary group of experts.

Industrially relevant. The MSc syllabus is informed, designed and taught with the assistance of the ISG's extensive industrial contacts. The focus of the MSc is to prepare graduates for successful careers in the information security profession, and thus information security professionals are closely involved throughout the programme.

A Certified Cyber Security Masters. The MSc has been certified by GCHQ against its stringent criteria for a broad foundation in Cyber Security.

An international community. Over 3000 Royal Holloway MSc Information Security graduates are now working as information security professionals throughout the world. By studying our MSc programme you will join a proud international network of information security professionals.

Flexible study modes. The MSc Information Security is offered using several different study modes, many of which are designed to support students in full-time employment.

The size of the ISG information security community also allows us to provide many extras that are not available on other MSc programmes. For students attending the campus we run several specialist short courses, an industrial seminar, an information security careers seminar and are regularly visited by organisations recruiting information security professionals.

How can I learn more?

Please follow the links on the right to discover more.

Further enquiries can be directed to Michelle Gates (ISG Administrator)  or Chez Ciechanowicz (MSc Programme Director).

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