Hacker House Hands-on Hacking™ : A Four-day hacking course

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About the course

It’s time to put on your finest roller blades, grab a cold jolt cola, then come and learn some practical skills to hack the planet.

The team at Hacker House™ provide hands-on networking and application labs, intended to stimulate your grey matter. We teach from years of experience on practical cyber-security assessment skills for the red team.

We teach you everything you need to learn about hacking with the most popular open-source tools, through tutor driven theory exercises, and practical labs.

Over the four days you will learn hacking basics and perform the following:

  • Conduct a network infrastructure assessment
  • Make use of data leaks and intelligence
  • Identify and exploit widespread vulnerabilities
  • Review web applications to find vulnerabilities
  • Make use of open-source tools to enhance your system security
  • Crack passwords, steal data and understand how hackers target networks
  • Hack into networks… without going to jail
  • Learn the tools of the trade used by ethical hackers

We teach hacking skills and require our attendees to agree to a code of conduct. The skills we teach are not academic and instead highlight real vulnerabilities in real systems. Techniques you learn on this course can be used outside of the classroom and we only teach those who use their newfound Kung-Fu for good.

Who is this course for?

Our course is purposefully aimed at those seeking to get an introduction into the world of ethical hacking be it for future employment or to enhance their existing skills at work.

The course will provide an introduction to the wonderful and exciting art of ethical hacking. Course attendees need a familiarity of Linux, be comfortable working with the command line and have a basic understanding of networking. Programming skills are an advantage but not essential. Our course is aimed at system administrators, network junkies and anyone else who wants to get a crash course in hands-on hacking. If security has become your responsibility at your work, or penetration tests are becoming too much of an overhead, then this course is ideal for you.

We teach you enough basic security assessment abilities, through practical hands-on hacking, so you will be able to get a better insight to vulnerabilities in your workplace and at home.

If you don’t know your heart bleed from your shellshock, your local roots from your Apache remotes, or your SQL injection from a man-in-the-middle – then this is the course for you.

If you are are able to master the concepts and lessons learned in this course, you will be able to compete in the job market for a junior pentester position. This course is not for the faint of heart; we work hard and fast to ensure you get all the concepts and materials you need to learn and continue to play beyond the day of course. The most important element of our training is that YOU KEEP THE LABS after the course--- you have everything you need to continue to "hack all the things" beyond the days of training.

We give a Certificate of Achievement for all participants.

A free sample of one of our modules can be obtained https://www.myhackerhouse.com/training

If you’re not sure if this course is for you, we suggest taking a look at the sample module before booking to avoid disappointment.

Course Syllabus

We will post a finalized course syllabus very soon.

This course is taught over four days and each day we expect students to complete 5 of our modules… more if time allows!

We will cover topics of hacking in:

  • TCP/IP
  • Web Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • VPN attacks
  • Web Applications
  • UNIX
  • SQL injection
  • Network attacks, exploits and more

We provide training labs which take around an hour to complete, each module is taught with theory – introducing the necessary concepts to complete the hands-on exercises.

The module is completed with a hands-on practical assessment.

We test our students with pop-quizzes to see how everyone is progressing and to help you improve your skills. Each student will be awarded a certificate of completion.

At the end of the course we allow for a Q&A with the tutors to ask them about cyber security and how to further develop your skills.

Equipment you’ll need:

In order to take the Hacker House course, please bring the following:

  • Laptop computer (no tablets or phones!) capable of running 2 virtualbox instances
    • Note: these instances should have at least 1- 2gb of RAM and 1-2 CPU cores to ensure performance
    • You will need approximately 50-60gb of free hard disk space
    • The laptop must have WIFI to make use of the network at the facilities
  • An external mouse if you prefer using one


The price of ticket on eventbrite includes VAT, eventbrite fees and managements fees.

This covers:

  • Four days tuition from the Hacker House team
  • Breakfast Croissants, Coffee Teas and Snacks on all days
  • Lunch on all days
  • Downloadable virtual labs you can also take home
  • A printed booklet for use as a reference guide
  • Electronic copy of the teaching materials
  • Hacker House swag

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