Cyber academy for women aims to move the dial towards gender parity

It’s well known that there’s a need for more cyber security professionals – according to government research over half of organisations have a basic technical cyber security skills gap. On top of which, there’s a gender imbalance in the industry – according to Cybersecurity Ventures, only 18% of professionals in the UK cyber security industry are female. An untapped pool of female talent has huge potential to make an impact. So, QA – the UK’s leading tech skills organisation – is running a cyber academy, designed specifically for women who want to start a career as a cyber security software developer.

It’s critical to involve female voices in developing technology and security. Hackers and cyber criminals as a group will form a diverse community. If the people in the industry keeping one step ahead of these criminals only consists of a narrow band of the broader population, the consequences could be destructive. We need diverse thought processes, perspectives and experiences to have a better chance of preventing attacks. Consequently, building a diverse workforce isn’t just a must to fill the skills shortage, but also to effectively protect the digital world. 

QA’s cyber academy for women aims to make a cyber security career more accessible and encourage diversity in the industry. The academy is a 12-week accelerated training programme designed specifically for women. It gives learners all the skills they need to become a cyber security software developer – as well as connecting them with an employer who will sponsor their training and provide employment from day 1 of training. Applicants to the programme can come from any background – no experience is needed. They just need to demonstrate a passion for learning tech – whether they’ve tried out coding or done free online cyber training in their spare time. 

Training from QA’s experienced technical mentors will give candidates all the skills they need to start their new career – whether they’re changing careers or starting a career for the first time. Training takes place over 12 weeks – including 2 days of classroom training and 3 days of flexible, remote learning each week. The programme provides an opportunity to learn in a supportive environment with other women who are breaking into the industry. 

As well as making a fantastic career in cyber security more accessible, the programme hugely widens the talent pool for employers.If you’re interested in applying for the academy, click here for more information and to apply.

If you’re an employer who wants to attract a more diverse workforce – chat to QA about the academy. Call Brian Loveland on 07388 381566 or Miranda Horseman on 07887 456482.

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