Study Your Cyber Security Master’s Degree Online, Part-time at The University of Derby

The University of Derby Online Learning has launched its new Cyber Security Masters Programme which can be studied part-time, completely online. Become part of the next generation of leading IT security professionals, fully equipped to respond rapidly to risks and problems. 

We are living in the digital age where our lives are more dependent on the IT and connected systems. Businesses are also migrating to modern digital technologies (e-commerce, e-retails, e-banking, e-games, online entertainments, and so on) to provide value-added services to their customers and bring easiness to their lives. Today, digital technologies offer a lot of services but at the same time, carry a threat to privacy and security of data that has been generated while user’s interact with these technologies. With so much information available and lots of access points, it is the golden age for the attacker/criminals to attack the system for data breaches to be used for fun and profit. 

Recent surveys have estimated that security threats to businesses rise by 20% each year, which results in a loss to billion of dollars annually. Specifically, in the UK the cyber-attacks are increasing at a rapid speed. To have better defence against cybercriminals, the UK cybersecurity industry requires more than 3 million security experts by the year 2022. Due to these facts, the need for cybersecurity specialists is increasing. 
Cybersecurity specialists are taking a very attractive salary which increases rapidly with additional certification and job role. This means that cybersecurity experts are in demand for the next decade. The Cyber Security MSc helps you build essential experience in cybersecurity. It helps enterprises, business community leaders to understand the landscape and ecosystem of cyber-attacks and the way forward to protect their business from the cyber-attacks.

This course focuses on developing your knowledge and understanding of information infrastructures so that you are fully equipped to apply these skills to any organisation. You will build your understanding of the managerial and technical elements of information security, as well as enterprise level security using innovative techniques developed through latest research at the cutting edge of Cyber Security.

As an online student, you will be able to draw on the extensive industrial links of the university’s academic staff and share knowledge of best practice with fellow students.

All while navigating your course materials in our dynamic virtual learning environment. 

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