Cranfield University launch open days for electronic warfare and cyber capability courses

Cranfield’s electronic warfare, information and cyber capability courses comprises world-leading educational opportunities – including short courses and Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Master’s qualifications.  This combines with cutting edge research with access to specialist facilities and equipment that are specific to Cranfield Defence and Security 2020 Open Days

The courses embrace a range of topics and disciplines from communications and information systems, radar, electro-optics, infra-red sensors and sonar systems. They also focus on the serious existing and emerging cyber threats in the information domain and on those personnel working on operations in cyberspace.

The Cyber Master’s programme (Cyber Defence and Information Assurance MSc and Cyberspace Operations MSc) are part-time allowing you the flexibility to study around your career, and build up your knowledge and expertise in the subject in easy to handle stages. They examine the interactions between people, organisations and technology, and how fundamentals such as psychology, management science and systems are key. 

Also offered are full-time opportunities in cyber, including: the Information Capability Management MSc. This course is designed to understand the strategic importance of information and develop agile, effective and secure ways to exploit it to its full potential. To do this, effective information capability management must be developed throughout the organisation so that the right information is available to the right people at the right time in an effective, efficient and secure manner.

The suite of short courses are also a great way to take on specific areas/modules, and in the process become more aware of the parent Master’s course, and allow you flexibility to study in short bursts. 

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