Google and Microsoft among firms backing Britain against cyber crime

A major new project aims to create new solutions to the problems affecting online security.

The government has announced a major new programme of funding and investment from big businesses designed to help Britain in the battle against cyber crime.

Business secretary Greg Clark said this week that Google and Microsoft are among the companies getting behind the UK and aiming to make it a world leader in tackling security threats.

An anticipated £117 million is expected to come from private industry investment as part of the project, together with £70 million of government money from the modern Industrial Strategy.

Work is to be done on creating new hardware prototypes to cope with cyber attacks and software to guard against vulnerabilities online, including those stemming from connected devices.

It is also likely that a raft of new training opportunities will arise as a result of the major companies collaborating and sharing their extensive knowledge.

Mr Clark said: "With government and industry investing together, we will ensure that the UK is well placed to capitalise on our status as one of the world leaders in cyber security by 'designing in' innovative measures into our technology that protect us from cyber threats."

Meanwhile, he also revealed that details on the rounds of funding for the Digital Security by Design challenge will be announced later this year.