Cabinet Office 'must be more consistent' with cyber security training

There is little consistency in cyber security training within the government's Cabinet Office, damning new research has found.

The government must be more consistent in the cyber security training it provides for staff, one minister has insisted.

Labour's shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jo Platt submitted a series of questions to government departments to find out what their policies are for preparing staff for digital breaches, Civil Service World reports.

It was found that the type of cyber security training available varies considerably between departments. Some claimed they had no compulsory training, while others said their staff completed e-learning courses as soon as they arrived.

Others reported that optional cyber security courses were available through department intranets, but were not regulated.

Cabinet Office minister David Lidington also admitted that there is no central record of staff training.

Ms Platt said this variation in training standards represents a failure to coordinate on cyber security.

"The result is a chaotic mix that creates more problems than it solves. The government must get its house in order and ensure that every department is fit to handle our data safely and securely," she concluded.

Earlier this year, analysis by Civil Service World found the Ministry of Justice alone was responsible for 3,184 data breaches in 2017-18.

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