Gamification can make cyber security training more fun and engaging

Gamification could be the most effective approach to cyber security training; at least that’s the message from Mark Stevens, senior vice-president of global services at Digital Guardian.

In an article published on, he notes how businesses are increasingly looking for more immersive solutions when it comes to getting their workforce clued up on online threats, and believes that gamification can play a vital role in that.

For those unfamiliar with gamification, Mr Stevens explains it as taking what's fun about games and applying it to situations that aren't so fun - like how to block the next hacker from infiltrating a company's network.

He suggests that by using gamification, employees can be rewarded when they abide by the rules, which in turn encourages good behaviour. Mr Stevens also adds that to achieve effective cyber security training, it needs to be carried out on a regular basis.

A leaderboard can create a bit of friendly competition amongst employees too, which in turn is more likely to increase their engagement in cyber security training.

“This increases internal communication and creates new relationships, improving employee engagement across the board,” Mr Stevens concludes.