New starters should be given cyber security training from day one

Every new employee should be given cyber security training as part of their induction, according to a key figure at Google.

Speaking to, Google UK’s online safety communications manager Elijah Lawal said that starting cyber security training and awareness on day one of a new job should be as common as showing a new starter where they can get a coffee.

“It should be essential at the beginning and remain ongoing for the rest of their working period at the business,” he stated.

“Cyber training should become an ethos at a business because much of the prevention boils down to what humans do.”

UK firms face a remarkable 578 cyber breach attempts a day, according to figures from connectivity experts Beaming. That constant level of threat will only become more intense, especially in terms of phishing emails, Mr Lawal believes.

He emphasises that it is the human element which remains the biggest concern.

“It doesn’t matter how much you spend on other security technology if you keep the front door open for hackers; humans can be the weakest link in the chain,” Mr Lawal added.