Cybint becomes first cyber security courses on Odigia's learning platform

Global cyber education provider Cybint has teamed up with the Odigia learning platform to help educators and businesses teach and train more effectively.

The partnership will offer cyber security and cyber intelligence courses for business, higher education and government using Odigia's digital learning platform.

Consequently, non-technical students and professionals will gain an understanding in cyber security and cyber intelligence, helping them to understand cyber terms, threats and opportunities.

Cybint chief executive Roy Zur said he was extremely excited about the Odigia partnership, believing it would advance the organisation’s vision of a more cyber literate and skilled workforce.

“Offering these courses through the higher ed, business and government sectors enables us to deliver critical cyber education to professionals, students and other learners within an intuitive, easy-to-use platform proven to foster better outcomes,” he commented.

Odigia founder Joshua Moe added that Cybint shared his firm’s values and commitment to student success and training offerings that have a positive impact on society as a whole.