Biggest cyber security training priorities outlined by education boss

Organisations need to strengthen their proactive security efforts by improving cyber security training.

That’s according to Mike Moniz, co-founder and CEO of Circadence - the first fully immersive, AI-powered cyber security training and assessment platform for government and enterprise organisations.

He says that recent high-profile cyber attacks, such as WannaCry, have proved that investing in technology alone isn’t enough and that companies need to better educate staff on the common pitfalls that result in breaches.

Writing for Infosecurity Magazine, Mr Moniz insisted: “In 2018, it will be critical to educate cyber staff, the first line of defence, on the current data privacy legislation to ensure sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and to avoid costly fines.”

He went on to say that adequate training will mean staff are able to quickly identify and mitigate emerging threats.

Other key points from Mr Moniz’s opinion piece highlighted the often-underestimated potential of fake news as a key attack vector and how chief security officers (CSOs) should ensure their cyber teams understand this threat and how to identify it.

He concluded by saying that focusing on these three priorities will give cyber teams an edge over the next 12 months.