High-Demand Cybersecurity Job Roles and How to Get There

High-Demand Cybersecurity Job Roles and How to Get There

Demand for cybersecurity talent continues to surge as organizations struggle to defend their critical assets from threat actors around the world. New data from the ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study 2023 reveals the talent gap has once again reached a record high, with 4 million more professionals needed globally.

For individuals interested in entering the field, there are many pathways. If you love to solve problems, want to help people and society, and are excited by the prospect of working in a constantly evolving field, then you already have a lot in common with today’s cybersecurity workforce.

Cyber professionals work in nearly every sector and industry and at businesses and organizations large and small. As you explore career opportunities, you’ll discover important cybersecurity roles at all levels — from day-to-day operations and management to senior executive level and even on the board.

Which Role is Right for You?

You’ll find that cybersecurity is not a homogeneous field limited to a handful of roles. Rather, it covers a variety of functions and responsibilities, and is reliant on teams with diverse skills, experiences and ideas. The challenge is to narrow your focus on cyber specialties that match your interests and skills.

By becoming familiar with the job categories and roles that fall under the cybersecurity umbrella, you can determine which areas could be a fit. This is a great first step so you can start focusing your job search and begin to explore the skill sets you need to develop.

Many cybersecurity professionals start as generalists, then specialize in a focused area of interest. As you consider your next career move, download the ISC2 eBook, Your Cybersecurity Career Blueprint: High-Demand Roles — and How to Get There. You’ll learn about the certification paths, job responsibilities, salary outlooks and more to find the cybersecurity role that’s right for you.

  • Cloud Security
  • Cybersecurity Leadership
  • Entry-Level Cybersecurity
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Network Security
  • Security Operations
  • Software Security

Download the ISC2 Your Cybersecurity Career Blueprint: High-Demand Roles — and How to Get There eBook.


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