Cyber Might Surprise You: CAPSLOCK launches campaign to boost diversity in cyber

CAPSLOCK, the award-winning, female led, educational organisation that reskills adults into cyber security professionals is launching a new campaign to encourage a truly diverse range of people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and walks of life to get into cyber. 

The campaign will run from July – September 2023, and will encourage people to consider a career in cyber security and ultimately improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry.

The campaign’s lead message “Cyber might surprise you” aims to make people who haven’t considered a career in cyber, or those who don’t know they have the transferrable skills to work in cyber, realise they can reskill and benefit from an average salary increase of 54%. (CAPSLOCK data 2023).

The multi-channel campaign has a dedicated landing page and involves social media activity, paid advertising, online articles and collaborations with industry partners. As part of the campaign, CAPSLOCK are offering a number of partial scholarships and fully-funded places to applicants who might not otherwise have the means to reskill. By removing some of the financial barriers which can prevent people from accessing education in later life, CAPSLOCK are encouraging a wider range of people to switch careers to cyber.

“Access to education for all is extremely important for a number of reasons. It helps us to build a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone. It unlocks potential that may otherwise remain locked . When people are given opportunities, they often go and achieve amazing things”. - Lorna Armitage, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK

A key part of the campaign is the launch of ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge: a pledge for individuals and businesses to actively contribute to greater diversity in the industry and combat stereotypes about cyber. Those who join the pledge are encouraged to share their pledges across social media with specially designed badges.

A more diverse environment is good for so many reasons, not least because it better represents society. It helps for building cyber solutions that are more effective and that are ultimately more resilient against any attack. It also results in an environment that is balanced in approach and promotes a culture that welcomes diversity”. - Dr Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK
CAPSLOCK, which is founded and led by Lorna Armitage and Dr Andrea Cullen, is all about increasing accessibility to life-changing education: all are welcome, and learners don’t require a degree to qualify for a place. Their career history or employment status doesn’t matter; whether they’ve had a career break, are a medical professional, work in retail or are a self-employed tree surgeon, anyone can retrain in cyber security. 

CAPSLOCK's award-winning online bootcamps have helped hundreds of adults reskill in cyber security and launch exciting new careers in the industry.  We are helping to plug the UK's cyber security skills gap by removing barriers to education and increasing diversity in the industry. Our online bootcamps reskill adults from all walks of life into cyber security professionals in as little as 16 weeks, teaching them the hands-on skills and allowing them to gain the practical experience needed to work in cyber.


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