New MBA CEMBA Programme to Enable Senior Cyber Professionals To Achieve Board Level Roles

The CEMBA is a part-time two year MBA programme, taught by experts from Lancaster University’s School of Computing and Communications and Lancaster University Management School, along with executive-level professionals from Templar Executives’ cadre of world-class Cyber Security experts.

This course is aimed at C-suite individuals and Senior Executives and supports national and government strategies to optimise capabilities in Cyberspace, such as the UK’s ambition to be the ‘safest place to do business online’ in the world. The CEMBA highlights the need for leaders to embed Cyber Security throughout organisational culture and there has a key focus on how Cyber Security can drive opportunities for business growth.

This combination of leading industry professionals and world class academic expertise offers a valuable course with an emphasis on tackling and learning from current real-world events and cross disciplinary examples.


The CEMBA is guided by the three principles of responsibility, sustainability, and inclusivity. The programme covers key management areas including:
• Digital innovation and entrepreneurship
• Regulation and legislation
• Cyber Security Governance
• Core Cyber Security technology concepts.

In addition, this programme will equip participants with the necessary language, tools and techniques to succeed in Cyber Security, business and management.

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