10 Steps To Build Your Cyber Security Career in 2023

10 steps to build your cyber security career in 2023
In this article, we outline 10 steps you can take to help you land your first cyber security job role. 
If you are a complete newbie to the field of cyber security, it is worth spending time researching the field to understand exactly where you can start. This guide is not aimed at candidates who are following a degree level pathway.
Important Considerations To Focus On
Do you have any existing background experience in IT already? 
Are you open to starting as an apprentice? Anyone over 19 who is not in full time education can become an apprentice – earn while you learn
Consider starting your journey in IT support to gain experience and then progress to becoming a cyber security generalist
If you are starting as a cyber security generalist you can always specialise at a later stage
Consider undertaking a cyber security skills bootcamp 
What transferable skills do you have? E.g. IT, operations, legal, military, policing, risk analysis, data management, automation implementation, soft skills, communication skills, adaptability, cloud computing, coding, cryptography. Think about these, and how they could align with your career in cyber security
10 Steps that are free or low cost
1. Entry Level Certification Training  https://www.isc2.org/1mcc  or utilize other free training resources, TryHackMe, OWASP, Hack the Box 
2. Become an association member such as (ISC)², ISACA, CIISEC, or BCS – access their knowledge frameworks to stay up to date. 
3. LinkedIn – Build your profile. Demonstrate how you are developing your knowledge whilst refining your CV at the same time. Update, your CV with new skills and training you are currently working on to develop your cyber security career. Give examples. Recruiters will be looking at your LinkedIn profile, make sure it matches your CV and your chosen cyber career path.
4. Webinars – sign up and join free webinars – gain knowledge of the field and advance your understanding https://info.qa.com/thecyberpulse 
7. Networking and events – Join online groups and forums, attend shows, conferences, meetups, job fairs, careers events and training days. https://infosec-conferences.com/country/united-kingdom/ 
Register for our cyber careers’ events in Bristol, Manchester and London
8. Discover mentors on LinkedIn who may be able to help your journey. 
Find company contacts who already have the type of job role you are looking for. Connect with them, ask them in a simple message if they would be willing to share insights into how they landed their role, what steps did they take? 
9. Be resilient – don’t give up, persevere, you will suffer setbacks along the way. Learn from them. Let the setbacks shape your progress.
10. Continue to train and invest in your personal development in the field. Take certifications which will benefit your career pathway in the long term. Importantly, assess yourself along the way to decide what you need, to progress to the next step.
Additional Resources - Cyber Pathways Webinars 

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