Join Cyber Pathways and (ISC)² webinar: “Making it Easier to Find a Path into Cybersecurity"

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Date: Wednesday 2nd of Nov 14:00pm BST

Join Cyber Pathways and (ISC)² for the third webinar in our series, when we will be discussing “Making it Easier to Find a Path into Cybersecurity” with Jon France, CISO at (ISC)² and our panel. Uncover essential guidance for furthering your cyber career!

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Headline Sponsor  (ISC)² - Speaker: Jon France, CISO at (ISC)²

You have graduated from university and are looking for your first job, hopefully in cybersecurity. Except you have hit a wall. Employers want experience for everything, even when experience is not relevant or even possible. You are at a crossroads in life and looking for a career change. Maybe you are leaving the military and looking for a new role and career as a civilian. How do you demonstrate you can map your existing career skills to something new and potentially completely different. Our panel will discuss these career-hunting challenges and offer practical advice on how to overcome them, as well as looking at what the industry itself is doing to remove career pathway roadblocks that frequently hamper the growth of the workforce and the talent pool.

Speaker 2. Dave Betts Lead Cyber Security Consultant DVLA 

Development and Progression: From Entry Level and Beyond – What employers might look for, what training/qualifications are recommended, specialisation versus generalisation, and playing to your strengths.

Speaker 3. James Murphy, CEO at TechVets

James Murphy CEO of TechVets contributing a presentation with an overview of how British Forces community can join an amazing and supportive community, access free leading training, and use valuable employment support to kickstart careers in cyber security.

Speaker 4.  Bharat Thakrar Senior Consultant and Board Advisory  
Topic TBA

Join our speakers on Wednesday 2nd of November of at 14:00pm BST

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