How to break into Cybersecurity with advice from Ironhack

For people who are interested in a cybersecurity career or those who want to develop their skills in the industry, a bootcamp is a great place to start.

These programs allow students to deepen their general knowledge of online safety, as well as learning more about specific threats such as Trojan viruses, identity theft, malware and more. You will be trained in building cyber resilience into business systems and be informed of new developments in the world of internet security. 
Here are some of the best ways to start learning about cybersecurity.
  • Consider what you want to achieve: Think about the level of experience you currently have in tech security or IT and which skills you’d like to enhance.
  • Think about your personal & professional strengths: From planning to networking and policy creation, there are many positions on offer in IT security, so it’s advantageous to know which one is right for you.
  • Take a course to plug your knowledge gaps: Do a course, like Ironhack’s bootcamp, builds up your confidence and skills, as well as providing an insight into the world of online security. Choose a modular course to see difficult concepts broken down into manageable sections.
  • Get a head start by learning from home: Online study teaches you to blend work and home commitments successfully. With this ability under your belt, carving out a career in online security from the comfort of home is a real possibility.​
  • Reach out to the cybersecurity community online: Getting in touch with people who are currently employed in the industry is a great way of making useful connections.
From TV Producer to Cybersecurity: The testimonial of Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto was working in TV in Spain. However, he wanted to change his career towards the tech sector. From his point of view, working in television is very unstable, so he went for his passion: computers.

Cybersecurity attracted him as he learnt that there is a big demand for these professionals. He finally made a decision based on the ethical hacking module included in the program: he wants to protect data for companies and individuals. The content of the program and the focus on the job market were his priorities when he chose Ironhack’s bootcamp.

The Bootcamp Experience
75% of the learning is autonomous and with self-guided exercises, whereas the other 25% is team learning: the group gathers information and presents the results of their research (also called labs) to their colleagues. They also do fun activities with the only purpose of getting to know each other. 

When we asked him about the hybrid format of the program, he said that at first:

“I was worried because I need contact, but I don’t regret it. It works really well. The vibe in the class is amazing, we talk through the chat, we have private zoom calls to work together, there are group projects that help us to get closer. Also, the instructors and the facilitator, Pauline, are constantly supporting us. This is a great experience! I am meeting people from all over Europe, from different cultures. I feel I’m part of an international network.”

If you are also thinking of joining a cybersecurity bootcamp but have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our admissions managers and ask any questions you may have! We will be delighted to hear from you!

Ironhack Cybersecurity Students - Where are they now

Vytė Masteikaitė 

Background: Dropout Game Programming student
Current Position: SOC Analyst at NRD Cybersecurity
Motivation: Wanted to stay in the IT field, and came across Cyber in the IH website

Ioana Oprea

Background: Aerospace Project Manager
Current Position: Cybersecurity Officer in the Defense industry
Motivation: She came across a project in her job that involved cybersecurity (military field). Covid gave her the time to learn it!

Youtube videos:
From Ironhack’s Youtube channel : Cybersecurity basics: what it is and what you can learn.



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