The Truth About CAPSLOCK

We're often told that CAPSLOCK sounds too good to be true. The UK-based educational start-up gives you the opportunity to fully re-skill in cyber security in as little as 4 months, secure valuable certifications and launch a brand new career, and you don't have to pay for any of it up-front. So, what's the catch? 

In this case, there isn’t one. Since CAPSLOCK launched in 2021, they have helped hundreds of people from all kinds of different backgrounds successfully re-skill in cyber security.

They’ve helped a professional dancer become a cyber security analyst, a British Army dog handler start a new role as an information security officer, a jeweller relaunch her career as a GRC associate, to name just a few.

CAPSLOCK graduates have been hired by a wide range of cyber security employers, including household names like the BBC, ITV, Allianz, HSBC, Dyson, Boohoo and PwC.

If CAPSLOCK only supplied training to people who could afford to pay for it all up-front, they would have had fewer than 30 learners to date. That's why they use Income Share Agreements: unique and accessible methods of tuition finance which allow learners to pay for the course in installments only after they've graduated, been hired, and are earning a good wage.

So, in a nutshell, the CAPSLOCK mission is to remove as many barriers to cyber security education as possible, and help a truly diverse range of people start new, rewarding careers in cyber security.

But we thought the best way for you to decide the truth about CAPSLOCK was to hear some of the real-life experiences from some CAPSLOCK graduates…
Former freelance composer, now a Security Awareness Specialist

“I’ve been in my new role of Security Awareness Specialist since July and it’s going really well. This time last year I was a home-schooling homemaker and struggling to access remedial IT courses. Now, I work with innovative training providers and create my own training & awareness content, and I support both defensive security and governance teams with their projects. I get to tell people I am a cyber security consultant for a global law firm, which makes me super proud.”

Former soldier in the British Army, now an Information Security Analyst

"I was drawn to CAPSLOCK because they are trying to break down barriers to cyber security that may be present due to a lack of a university degree. They are offering people a chance to showcase life skills and experience instead.  All of the CAPSLOCK tutors have been fantastic and you can see how invested they are into bringing new talent into the industry. It's rubbed off on me for sure! This isn't about just getting a job when I leave the Army, it's about starting a new career."
Former administration assistant, now a Supply Chain Security Practitioner

 "My CAPSLOCK experience has been incredible. One of the most exciting and challenging things I've done in a very long time and I am so proud of how far I've come!"

Former chef, now a Junior Security Consultant 

"16 weeks ago I took a chance. A chance to catch up with myself after years of self-doubt and resignation. After years of telling myself that I wouldn't be able to break out of my position in hospitality. Everything has changed since I joined CAPSLOCK.
The enthusiasm and support we've been shown for our development. The resources and guidance that have broken down the barriers for many of us, who never expected anything more than a few rejection letters before we carried on as before. All of that has been phenomenal. Genuinely life-changing.”

Former NHS midwife and health visitor, now a Cyber Security and Compliance Analyst 

 "After 11 years working for the NHS, I am happy to share I have been offered a new position as a Cyber Security and Compliance Analyst. 6 short months ago I decided to make the leap with CAPSLOCK to re-skill in cyber and I have not regretted a minute of it. CAPSLOCK stood out from the start: they understand cyber security is all about people, and that the industry needs all kinds. This diversity of thought runs through the program like a stick of rock.”



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