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Claranet Cyber Security provides industry-respected cybersecurity training courses for leading companies, government bodies, and the world's largest cybersecurity conferences.
Whether you're just starting out or you're looking to advance your existing penetration testing skills and career, there's a course for you.
Using hands-on labs and led by trainers who are experienced penetration testers, our courses combine real-world experience and the latest research to provide learning that will transform your approach to cybersecurity. Start or advance your journey today!
Below are the training courses and dates taking place throughout February and March:
March 7 – 11: Advanced Web Hacking
This class covers a wealth of hacking techniques used to compromise web applications, APIs, cloud components and web-based endpoints. It focuses on specific areas of application security and advanced vulnerability identification and exploitation techniques (especially server-side flaws). Attendees will get to practice novel, exciting, and ridiculous hacks that have been seen in the wild and mentioned in real bug bounty programs. 
This remote class offers attendees the chance to receive a state-of-the-art DevSecOps tool-chest, comprising of various open-source tools and scripts to help DevOps engineers in automating security. This workshop is also language agnostic, allowing similar tools to be used against other application development frameworks. 
Learn the techniques used to compromise various cloud services and the theory behind them. This course cuts through the mystery of Cloud Services (including AWS, Azure and G-Cloud) to uncover vulnerabilities within them. This course is the 2-day version (note a more advanced 4-day version is also available). 
This course is designed for those who wish to really push their knowledge. Whether you're a pentester, a red teamer, or trying to better manage vulnerabilities in your environment, understanding advanced hacking techniques is critical. Learn a wealth of advanced pentesting techniques, from the neat, to the new, to the ridiculous, that are used to compromise modern operating systems, networking devices and cloud environments. 
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