How to find out which job roles in cyber security are in the most demand?

In this article Cyber Security Jobsite looks at the types of cyber security roles which are in the highest demand.
Much is talked about in the media regarding the cyber security skills gap which is very well documented. We decided to have a look more closely at the types of roles which receive low numbers of applications on, to help you pinpoint exactly where the skill shortages are.
Why is this important you might ask?  
Well, the answer is simple, if you are trying to make progress in your cyber security career focusing on developing your skills in areas where there are large numbers of vacancies, or a limited supply of applicants is a great way of enhancing your potential for success. The caveat is it may take more time, effort to build your experience plus investment to develop your skills and complete your certifications and training. By doing this though, you are being smart by identifying exactly where the weaknesses are in the cyber jobs market and applying your learning and skills development accordingly. 
It is important to remember some of these roles in particular security architecture will require an experienced background. You can`t just walk into these type roles, you may well have to sidestep them and try and gain complimentary experience in affiliated fields. For example a pentester with a few years' experience may well be able to transition easily to security architecture with the right training.
Based on some recent analysis, here is a list of the types of vacancies in highest demand.
Cloud Security Engineer 
Security Architect
Security Engineer 
Software Engineers 
IAM – Identity and Access Management
Governance Risk and Compliance 
Cloud Security Architect 
You may well be unfamiliar with some of these roles and the types of training required to progress your skills in these fields. Therefore, we have included below some links from the UK Cyber Security Council Career Roadmap page to help you understand the roles in more detail and give you tips for further training courses and qualifications, to help you progress in these fields.  The UK Cyber Security Council Career Roadmap  is our number one resource recommendation to start researching careers in cyber security. This is invaluable if you are an entry level candidate, as it offers independent advice and guidance on entering the field. Importantly, the infographic is vendor neutral so you get a balanced view of what certifications you should take for the various cyber career pathways.  
           Training starting points  
           Training Starting Points  
            Training Starting Points 
            Training Starting Points 

 ​           Training Starting Points


            Training Starting Points 

Cyber Pathways