Qufaro, Cyber Champions of the Neurodiverse

Qufaro have become cyber champions of the neurodiverse community, actively promoting opportunities and support. Through the Autism in the Workplace scheme linked with The National Museum of Computing and Thomas Cliffe of TrackNN Ltd, Qufaro has students engaging with our Headstart in Cyber Security course.

The courses that Qufaro delivers have the benefit of being online, allowing you, the learner to engage at your own pace and level of engagement. The content has variety from videos, online sessions, games, quizzes to further resources. Learners also have the opportunity to access the content in multiple ways, content can be read aloud with or without subtitles, the sound can be muted and there is also the possibility of altering the speed of the presentation as well as having the flexibility to revisit the content and decide your own schedule.

Qufaro offers a range of courses in Cyber Security, from the Headstart, Foundation in Cyber Security to the CyberEPQ all of which equip students with a broad knowledge of cyber security by engaging with the 11 modules. Find out more here 


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