Challenge Yourself with CyberLive

At GIAC, we believe that hands-on testing is the future of cybersecurity certification. With five certification exams featuring CyberLive, and three more on the way, GIAC is setting the standard for assessment of real skills in the industry – all with the specialized focus that matters for career development and organizations.
Wondering what makes CyberLive different? Or why you should earn a GIAC certification featuring CyberLive?
CyberLive exams include real-world, practical questions in a virtual machine environment
CyberLive tests the practical application of critically needed infosec abilities
CyberLive provides a new tool for employers to identify skilled practitioners with key skillsets
CyberLive skill exams confirm practitioners could start a new job and get right to work on day one – valuable for both the integrity of the employee and their organization
Not sure if you’re ready to conquer a CyberLive exam? Here’s how to know if you’re up for the challenge – and how to prepare once you’ve committed to it.
As with any GIAC certification exam, the best way to prepare is with the affiliated SANS training course. Each SANS training course is a deep dive into critically-needed security skills. GIAC certifications are always designed with the end result validating the knowledge and skills needed for a secure future at every level in an organization.
SANS training features world-class instructors who are effective at instilling the skills you need to get ready for your GIAC exam. But what really makes the difference when prepping for CyberLive exams is the lab content that comes with any SANS course.
Course labs feature hands-on, real-world tasks in an environment that allows you to practice new skills and test what you’ve learned, over and over again. Both the lab environment and content are excellent indicators of what you can expect on a CyberLive exam. If you can successfully complete SANS course labs, you’ve got the skills to take on CyberLive.
To fit your lifestyle, SANS courses are currently offered either Live Online or OnDemand. Whichever training format you choose, you can meet your preparation goals.
In addition to preparing with training, you’ll want to set up a regular study schedule that focuses heavily on reviewing these lab exercises. The more often you practice, the more confident you’ll feel about your upcoming CyberLive exam – and the better you’ll do when it’s time for the real thing.
The end result? By training with course labs and taking on a CyberLive exam, you’ll have earned a GIAC certification that proves to your peers and your employer that you’ve mastered the skills needed to do the job on day one.


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