Three ways to protect yourself from an information security breach!

With our increasing online presence, information security is more important than ever. Organisations handling confidential or sensitive data need to stay up to date with what their clients and other interested parties expect of them. 
Many people make the mistake of thinking that information security is all about IT, but there are in-fact three factors to consider - 
1. The highest risk for information security is ‘people’!  You can create a fantastic security system but if a member of staff goes home and releases information about a client then BOOM, you have a security breach! 
2. But, it’s not all about security breaches by staff members; technical systems must also cope with attacks from hackers and sites need to have robust security measures in place to prevent a cyber break-in. 
3. We must also consider the physical ways in which we can protect information. When hosting cloud services, data centres will have high fences, security doors, motion sensors, passcode access and security guards. 
If you’d like to improve your security then you may want to consider putting an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) in place - you can either attend a training course or consult a subject matter expert – or maybe do both!
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