When it comes to (ISC)² certification exam prep, there is no shortage of choices – especially for the CISSP and CCSP credentials. With so many options, where’s the assurance that you’re putting your time, faith and money into a vetted training resource?

It’s an excellent question. So let’s break down three key distinctions between (ISC)² Official Training from an authorized provider versus training from an unauthorized company. Because the right source can make all the difference in crushing your certification goal – and protecting your investment.

(ISC)² Authorized Instructors
Taking on the globally recognized CISSP or CCSP demands commitment and motivation. When you pursue Official Training, you’re guided by an instructor who actually holds the credential you’re going after. (ISC)² and our Official Training Providers guarantee you learn from verified industry experts who have completed a rigorous process to teach our official courseware.

(ISC)² Authorized Instructors have been in your shoes… That’s why they know exactly how to keep you engaged and focused, every step of the way.

Most Relevant, Up-to-Date Course Materials
When you choose an Official Training Provider, you’re taught the most relevant and current content available. The courseware is developed by (ISC)², the creator of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®).

The (ISC)² CBK is a collection of topics relevant to cybersecurity professionals around the world. It establishes a common framework of information security terms and principles, enabling cybersecurity and IT/ICT pros worldwide to discuss, debate and resolve matters pertaining to the profession with a common understanding, taxonomy and lexicon. Domains from the (ISC)² credentials are drawn from various topics within the (ISC)² CBK, used to assess mastery of the most critical aspects of info sec.

Comprehensive Exam Prep
Passing an (ISC)² certification is as rewarding as it is challenging. You want to feel confident on exam day, and confidence comes from knowing you’re prepared. The Official Training route is a proven way to help set yourself up for success. With an Official Training Provider at your side, you have convenient access to comprehensive exam prep that aligns with all domains in your chosen certification.

Again, all of our training providers have undergone a meticulous vetting process by (ISC)² and are trusted training resources for individuals, organizations and government agencies. Official Training Providers offer delivery options such as bootcamps, in-person classes and online seminars. They also provide training and exam voucher packages.

While unofficial training companies may claim to include the exam voucher, this is neither true nor ethical. (ISC)² and Official Training Providers are the only organizations authorized to offer vouchers for our exams.

Prep Like a Pro with an (ISC)² Official Training Provider
(ISC)² certifications are highly regarded in the cybersecurity industry, so it’s not surprising that countless training companies offer exam prep for them. But you wouldn’t trust your personal fitness to just anyone wearing a track suit, just as you wouldn’t have your car repaired by an unauthorized garage. The same holds true with certification exam prep. When enlisting a training provider, it pays to know who’s really preparing you.

To protect your training investment, click here to find an Official Training Provider near you.