New Year, New Cyber Career?

It's easier than you might think to re-skill in cyber security. Ready to add a new career to you New Year's resolution list?  

The arrival of a New Year often prompts people to consider a career switch, and this has never been truer than in 2021. However, this year it's probably more down to necessity than choice.

In 2020, businesses made a record number of redundancies - 370,000 - between August and October alone. And now, the government's economic watchdog estimates that UK unemployment is likely to reach 2.6 million by the middle of 2021. That would account for 7.5% of the working age population.

The pandemic has changed the world of work with far-reaching and potentially permanent effects, crippling certain industries which may never fully recover.

So, how about a career switch to the cyber security industry? 2021 is going to be a huge year for cyber. We are becoming increasingly reliant on technology in all aspects of life, which means that a huge number of new technology-focused jobs are constantly emerging. Cyber security clearly isn't going anywhere, and it’s an easier career switch than you might think!

That's where CAPSLOCK comes in.

The whole aim of CAPSLOCK is to re-skill adults into cyber professionals in as little as four months. There are no up-front costs involved. And no, you don’t need existing cyber knowledge to apply. This makes our courses ideal for cyber security beginners.

Our course focuses on re-training people via a revolutionary curriculum designed by former cyber security lecturers. It features over 400 hours of live tuition in an online classroom, over a period of either 16 weeks (full-time) or 26 weeks (part-time). It also includes four industry recognised cyber qualifications including CompTIA Security+, ISO27001, and CISMP.

The idea is to combine the rigour of a master’s degree with the speed of a bootcamp, whilst tackling one of the UK’s most urgent skills gaps. It is estimated that the cyber sector will need an additional 3.5 million qualified professionals by 2023. That's another reason why it’s a great time to make a career switch to this future-proof industry.

Learners will graduate with vital cyber skills such as ethical hacking, defensive operations, and cloud security. They will also have the opportunity to interview with CAPSLOCK’s employment partners such as BT, Lloyds Bank, and Dell.

Rather than charging learners an upfront tuition fee, we use the Income Share Agreement model. Learners simply pay back a percentage of their income after completing the course, but only if they land a high-paying job. The Financial Conduct Authority have backed CAPSLOCK to pilot this model in 2021.  There are other funding options too, such as a student loan.

Currently over 400 people have applied to Capslock, in the hopes of being accepted onto the course they can start a new career in cyber.

Applying is quick and easy. Head to to get started.

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