Hottest InfoSec Employers in 2017

Information Security offers a fantastic career, with high salaries and great job security for IT professionals. With cyber security being a candidates market, labour shortages mean that high quality candidates can afford to be picky when it comes to who they approach.

With this in mind, here is our list of 2017’s top ten hot employers in InfoSec who should be on every candidates ‘wish list’.


Quite simply, one of the most innovative and cutting edge cyber security operations in the business. Darktrace’s operating system was created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, and they use advanced algorithms that cleverly mimic how the human immune system works to protect all sizes of business networks.

Candidates need to be well presented, professional, and able to think on their feet. The incredibly dynamic atmosphere means that it can sometimes be a little chaotic, but if you like high pressure/high reward environments and have a lot of skills to offer, Darktrace is the one to go for. Language skills are a distinct advantage.

Digital Shadows,26.htm

Digital Shadows are specialists in monitoring and managing digital risk for businesses, protecting both their financial and business interests, and their reputation. Their SearchLight™ service uses scalable data analytics with human expertise to defend businesses against cyber threats, data loss, and brand exposure. Candidates need to be fast thinkers who can adapt to rapidly changing and challenging situations.


This new company knows that the world is not only digital, but mobile. So they’ve developed an app that helps users to monitor their data usage, and also notifies them of any major security event. Their app is used and trusted by international companies including many Fortune 500 firms. They’re looking for candidates who have skills in Cloud security and InfoSec. It’s particularly popular with candidates looking for a more flexible working system, including the opportunity to work from home in some instances. Because it avoids the classic pyramid structure, career trajectories can be rapid.


This innovative company has developed advanced, deep-learning analytics and algorithms that operate in real time. Their strategic intelligence platform is scalable and cleverly number-crunches its way through huge amounts of data to produce complex and accurate predictions. This is a system that has been proven by some of the world’s largest companies, government departments and financial institutions to defend against cyber crime, corruption, fraud, and money laundering. Candidates need to be flexible and willing to learn quickly, and feel comfortable in a very fast paced environment. Practical application skills, and in particular an understanding of cyber-intelligence engineering and high-tech network structures, is a must.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence,43.htm

It may not be the first company you think of when you’re looking for InfoSec jobs, but this giant of technological development and engineering has its fingers in lots of pies, including Applied Intelligence. BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is a dedicated subsidiary of BAE Systems working with clients all over the world to protect their online assets. Because of their sheer size, they can work on truly colossal networks and at intelligence-grade levels. The advantages of working for such a large operation include a robust career path and the ability to move between projects, as well as excellent salary and benefits packages. However, they take only the brightest and best candidates, and definitely prefer those with experience as well as exceptional, InfoSec-focused qualifications. Selection is ruthless, and applications are high for the limited number of positions that open up each year.

Honourable Mentions

Our other top picks for the hottest employers to work for include:


Network specialists working in integrated systems that include encryption, mobile protection, web security and endpoint defence. Are interested in candidates with a broad spectrum of knowledge on network development and protection.


Work with FTSE 100 companies and blue-chip clients to create bespoke security systems and networks for medium to large-size operations. Looks for candidates who have an understanding of the challenges faced by corporate clients and who can scale up their skills set to incorporate large network development and analysis.


Their unique ‘Threat Lifecycle Management Platform’ delivers end-to-end analysis to help medium to large-size companies investigate and respond to cyber threats. They favour candidates with an understanding of forensic analysis and system integration.

Northrop Grumman,27.htm

A highly respected organisation that not only works with businesses but also has an excellent reputation in the defence industry. Their cyber systems are trusted around the world. Looks for promising candidates from all sectors, including graduates, experienced InfoSec specialists, and those moving from the Armed Forces into civilian contracting and logistics.

Clearswift (recently acquired by Ruag),21.htm

Specialists in adaptive security and creating bespoke solutions for online businesses to protect them against ‘dirty’ documents and hack attacks. Are particularly interested in talking to Ethical hackers.