The benefits of an MSc in Cyber Security

Why choose an MSc in Cyber Security?

Whether you're looking to get started with a career in cyber security, or if you're already working in the sector but want to improve your skills and make yourself more attractive to potential employers, there are a wide range of professional and academic qualifications to choose from.

However, if you want to further your career and be considered for senior and executive-level roles, obtaining a Masters degree in cyber security will be one of the most valuable choices you can make. This certification is highly in-demand from many of the UK's biggest and most prestigious employers.

An MSc in Cyber Security demonstrates you not only have all the skills and experience needed to counter today's advanced cyber threats, but can also show the leadership, decision-making and initiative businesses demand for more senior roles.

What does an MSc in Cyber Security course involve?

While the specific contents of each course will vary depending on the provider, an MSc in Cyber Security is typically a classroom-based course that will teach you how to design and implement secure systems and inform you about the latest advances in this fast-evolving sector.

You'll learn about many of the technical aspects of defending networks against threats, with modules typically including areas such cybercrime analysis, penetration testing, cryptography, digital forensics and how to build secure networks.

Entry requirements may also vary, but candidates would usually be expected to hold a degree (typically at grade 2:2 or above) in a related computing discipline from a UK or accredited overseas university or professional body, or be able to provide evidence of several years work experience in a relevant field.

If you're looking to study full-time, a Cyber Security MSc course usually lasts for one year. However, if you wish to combine learning with your existing career and study part-time, this can be done in either two or three years.

Who offers Cyber Security MSc courses?

Many of the UK's most prestigious universities offer Masters degrees in cyber security. As well as MScs in Cyber Security, some institutions also offer more specialised courses focusing on areas such as artificial intelligence or computer forensics. Some of the UK universities offering these courses include:

  • Cranfield University
  • University of Derby
  • University of Liverpool
  • Staffordshire University
  • University of Greenwich

In addition to universities, you may also be able to gain an MSc in Cyber Security by studying at other bodies such as the International Management Forum Academy. These are still fully-accredited degrees and may be especially useful if you desire to study online - although many universities also offer online options, especially for their part-time courses.

Find out more about where you can study for an MSc in Cyber Security on our course providers page.

The roles available for those with an MSc qualification

Successfully completing a Cyber Security Masters course will open many doors and allow you to reach the highest levels of the profession. What's more, it can also prove highly lucrative. As people with these skills are in short supply, employers will often offer significant incentives to secure the best talent.

An individual with an MSc in Cyber Security will be able to use the skills they've gained across a wide number of roles. However, some of the most common career paths for those with this qualification include:

  • Digital Forensics Investigator
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Consultant
  • Chief Information Security Officer

The need for individuals with expertise in cyber security is only going to become more acute in the coming years as cyber attacks become bigger and more commonplace, and companies look to improve their defences in order to meet these threats. In this environment, candidates who can prove they have the right skills stand well placed to advance.

Ready to take your career in cyber security to the next level? Check out our range of MSC in Cyber Security courses to find the programme that's right for you.

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