Avoid a security breach whilst home-working

In recent months we’ve seen a huge increase in home-working; from the kitchen table to the lounge, work has entered our homes and we need to adapt. 

The priority is to ensure your laptop is near the kettle and your children don’t walk past the webcam during video calls with your boss. 
Ok, so there may be data safety issues to consider too, let’s do a quick risk assessment to remind ourselves of the basics…

Risk No.1

  • Does your company have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)? 


  • Find out how to access it and what you need to do if it’s invoked. 

Risk No.2

  • Do you have paperwork on your desk that someone at home might see? We all trust our friends and family, but in accordance with GDPR they shouldn’t have access to your work data. 


  • Follow a clear desk policy at home.

Risk No.3

  • Are you saving work to your desktop which someone could see if you leave your screen unlocked?


  • Ensure you save data onto allocated and safe drives.

Risk No.4 

  • Could someone hear you talk about sensitive information on the phone? 


  • Take important calls in a private room with the windows shut

Risk No.5

  • Not sure how to dispose of your paperwork? 


  • Try not to print at home unless you really must. Keep old paperwork locked away until it can be shredded appropriately. 

Risk No.6

  • Are you using an unauthorised email account for work? 


  • You will be an easy target for cyber criminals so speak to you IT team to find out how to use email safely from home.

Now, that the basics covered, but there’s lots more you can do to be data secure.  ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems can help you put a structure in place to ensure your company follows good data security processes.  

Make a start today by booking one of our CQI IRCA certified ISO 27001 training courses:

ISO27001 Foundation

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