Are you an (Ethical) Hacker? | Cyber Security

Cyber security is a growing industry as more and more businesses are waking up to the reality of their responsibility to ensure that their clients’ information  is kept safe and secure. To be a successful ethical hacker requires you to be able to think like one. It is the role of the ethical hacker to attempt to break into the company network and access their personal data which is locked away carefully behind as many levels of security as necessary. Companies need to ensure that their defences can keep malicious cyber criminals out. This is not an easy task when ever more increasingly sophisticated technology is constantly being developed. Hackers will need to stay ahead of the game so as to retain their clients’ trust whilst maintaining their own credibility in protecting sensitive information in this fast paced race. Hackers most commonly simulate an attack against a network, to discover weaknesses in an organisation’s security posture, and ensure their security team is battle-tested. 
Links with the CyberEPQ Modules:
3. & 4. Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing
5. Information Security Vulnerability Concepts
What do (Ethical) Hackers do?
Ethical Hackers simulate how a cyber-criminal may attack the system, thus resulting in assisting how the entire organisation will become more secure against future such attacks whilst ensuring that everything that an attacker may think of is secure. Ethical hackers attempt to breach an organisation’s systems, in a controlled manner in what is known as the red team/blue team exercises in which each team is pitted against the other.  The objectives may include... Read more


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