Qufaro CyberEPQ Students face the Deloitte Crypto-Challenge

It’s not often you get to see the Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC) in Reading, so this was an eagerly anticipated event with all the places being snapped up within an hour!

Congratulations to the participants from UTC Watford; Bournemouth Collegiate; MRUS, Beds; Ashford School; Tadcaster Grammar; Reigate Grammar; Shenley Brook End School, Bucks; St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls, Surrey; Grey Court School, London and Queen Anne’s School, Reading as well as the six CyberEPQ Alumni members who were quickest to their keyboards.

For CyberEPQ students that wish to attend in future, please join the Alumni group on LinkedIn for early notification!

For those that did get to attend, we were fortunate to speak with Amanda Scantlebury, the Cyber Security Operations Manager and Gijs Reusken, a Consultant, who specialises in the evolving data privacy landscape. It was great to hear how people from a non-technical background (history and law respectively) were able to carve a successful career in cyber. Diversity of knowledge, background, ethnicity, age and gender in the teams allows for greater success and is highly prized by Deloitte. For those looking to join, there are routes for both Graduates and non-Graduates into the CIC team.
Analysts, Cameron and Saj, explained the hands-on approach that their cyber training provided and how Deloitte invested in them and welcomed an inquisitive mind. Both explained how their broad training in different areas had given them greater insight into cyber and had helped them to develop their cyber passions.

Cornelia Calugar-Pop, Lead Technical Media and Telecommunications Predictions Researcher, gave a fascinating perspective and hints as to what we could expect from tech in the future including how 5G will allow the greater use of automated robots whilst picking and packing customers’ goods; how videos will be watched interchangeably from landscape to portrait as well as the availability of Video on Demand with the option of an ad free version. E-bikes could also be on the future horizon benefiting cities by greatly reducing traffic and pollution. A win-win.

Then …The Crypto Challenge! Designed and delivered by Alex Parsons, Senior Manager for Cyber Security for the Life Sciences and Healthcare. He set the scene of a...Read more



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