Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

The Seven Personae of Cyber was developed by Deloitte Ontario to put a human face on the challenges and solutions regarding the massive shortage in Cyber Security talent. It provides a useful reference point to understand the changing talent requirements in the context of evolving technology whilst making the different roles accessible to non-security individuals and inclusive to a broader audience.

Unlocking Untapped Potential

Too often, there is a focus on narrow technical skills, with job descriptions that are increasingly esoteric where cyber professionals tend to be predominantly male and come from an information technology background. This narrow profile means there is a significant untapped potential to address the cyber talent shortage artificially limiting the potential talent pool and inhibiting new perspectives and thinking. Greater inclusion will open up the skills and expertise that businesses need to manage Cyber Security effectively. 

The Seven Personae opens this up by defining career paths as well as learning and development opportunities in Cyber Security. Many educational systems recognize the need to develop cyber security talent. In Ontario, Canada, a rising level of enrolment in cybersecurity programs represents about 7 percent of all college IT enrolments. The UK needs to follow suit and the CyberEPQ is THE way to get people into Cyber Security. The Qufaro CyberEPQ allows schools and independent learners to take on an important role as the organic foundational pipeline for Cyber Security talent.

Schools are trying hard to keep pace with the increased demand for Cyber Security education. However, they are encountering a number of significant obstacles. The field of cybersecurity is moving so quickly that educators find it difficult to keep their curricula up to date. Qufaro’s CyberEPQ fills this gap and bridges the lack of opportunities to learn about cyber at a Read More


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