Free cyber security course offered to help beat coronavirus criminals

A Scottish firm has offered a helping hand to businesses with remote workers being targeted by hackers.

A social enterprise company based in Scotland is offering a free cyber security training resource to help people now working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cyber criminals have increasingly been trying to take advantage of the chaos of the situation by sending out phishing emails and attempting to hack those perhaps less initiated with the extra safety measures needed for remote working.

Now, GTS Solutions is fighting back after teaming up with Swiss cyber security training software provider Lucy.

They have created an online course with the aim of making businesses more resilient to potential attacks against them, as well as arming employees with additional risk prevention skills.

The course can be accessed free of charge at

GTS chief executive Chris Thewlis said: "This is a fantastic learning and educational package which we hope will prove of benefit to the thousands of people now having to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic."

Remember that you can also register with to apply for more courses, receive industry news or receive email alerts if a course is added to the site that matches your requirements. 


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